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Safety Signs

With so many different types of safety signs available, you are sure to find the correct signage for your business, worksite, private property and much more here at Mechanical Advertising. Nearly every business in the world today could benefit from safety signs, because they are specifically used to provide the public as well as employees the knowledge that they need to know that there is a hazard in that area. In addition, safety signs can provide people the information they need to show the hazards they may not be able to see easily, it can provide them specific directions and information to ensure their safety as well as provide them the knowledge that they need to know that certain actions on their part are not allowed. In worksite areas, safety signs can be used extensively to provide employees the information that they need to know where Personal Protection Equipment or PPE must be worn, as well as show them where the emergency equipment that they may need is located.

Danger - Overhead Wires

35 x 25cm

Danger - Shock Hazard

35 x 25cm

Danger - High Voltage

35 x 25cm

Eye Protection Required

30 x 45cm

Safety Equipment Required - Work Site

60 x 60cm, 75 x 75cm, 90 x 90cm

Caution - Automatic Door

8" & 12" Diametre

No Smoking, No Ignition

8.5 x 11"

Warning - Flammable

30 x 30cm

Fire Extinguisher - Arrow

' 10 x 35cm

Caution - Watch Your Step

20 x 20cm, 60 x 60cm

Eye Wash Station

30 x 45cm, 45 x 60cm

First Aid Station

60 x 60cm

Fall Hazard

30 x 45cm

Caution - Stairs Slippery When Wet

Is-63, Caution - Stairs Slippery When Wet, 20 x 20cm, 60 x 60cm

Safety signs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, because each of them has a different significance. When safety signs are circular, it lets everyone know that specific actions are either required or forbidden area triangle shaped signs let people know that there is a possible hazard or a definite hazard in the area. Square shaped signs provide information that people need to get more information that they need, provide them with permission for specific actions, as well as show them where health and emergency equipment is located. On our website, we carry all types of industrial safety signs, to ensure that your employees as well as your visitors are safe on your work site at all times. If a specific safety sign you require is not on our website please click on the 'contact us' tab and we will be happy to assist you and provide the signage you require.

Our Danger signs are ideal for a variety of outdoor worksites, as they can show employees and visitors of both the hazards and potential hazard. Common examples are overhead power lines, high voltages, compressor stations, electrical sites and much more. Our Eye Protection Required signs let's everyone know that there are possible hazards in that area such as debris from grinders, sanders and more, and they need to protect their eyes. Any industrial worksite should have a Safety Equipment Required sign in any area that specific PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)is required for the safety of both workers and visitors. This can include highlighting the need for safety glasses, safety shoes, hardhats and more. As you can see, there are many uses for safety signs that can be useful to all businesses: if there is an area that routinely poses a safety risk, the use of a permanent sign there makes sense.

In addition to danger and PPE signs, we also offer warning signs to let both employees and visitors know that they require specific PPE in the area, or a warning of oil, gas or electrical ignition possibilities. In this situation, a No Smoking, No Ignition sign is ideal. If you have a company that works with any types of dangerous chemicals, including construction, or handles dangerous materials you definitely want to have a safety sign let people know about where they can find all necessary safety and first aid equipment. Any business will be able to take full advantage of a ?Caution: Stairs Slippery When Wet? signs, because regardless of whether snow, rain, sleet or any other bad weather, this is a must-have for any business, regardless of genre.

Industrial safety signs are some of the best ways to alert your employees and visitors about the potential hazards at the workplace. These signs also can help reinforce safe handling procedures and may in fact be a defense against industrial accident.