Road Signs

Posts & Markers

We carry a complete line of galvanized heavy duty U Channel posts, round and square posts, cement base posts and impact recovery posts to mount signs. In this section you will also find road markers such as: fire hydrant, impact utility, highway delineator, tubular, road edge delineator, and flexible delineator road and highway markers.

U Channel

2.00lbs/ft. to 2.50lbs/ft available. Conforms to current MTO specifications. Hot rolled carbon steel, yield 80,000PSI, hot dipped galvanized, easy drive point, all punched at 2? centre. Mounting hardware available Stock: 4?, 5?, 8?, 10?, 12?, 14?

Mini U Channel

Hot dipped galvanized, easy drive point. Mounting hardware available Stock: 7? & 8?

Round Post Galvanized

2 7/8? OD x 12? 2 3/8? OD x 12? and 14? Other lengths also available

Square Tube - All Punched with Holes

8', 10', & 12' X 1 3/4" 3' X 2" 18" X 2 1/4"

Cement Base w/54

100 lbs with 54" Square Post, Hardware to Mount Sign Sold Separately

Cement Base w/96" Square Post

250 lbs with 96" Square Post, Hardware to Mount Sign Sold Separately

Square Post, 1" x 1" x 7'

Square galvanized steel post.

Impact Recover Post

Reflective tape available on request

Fire Hydrant Markers

Complete with Reflective Hydrant Decals on Both Sides. Dimensions Available: 3? W x 19?, 24?, 30?, 36?, 48?, 60?, 72? H Colours: R, O, Y

Utility Marker

An economically priced, moderate impact, off-road sign post used for marking underground pipelines, cables, or other buried devices. Custom, reflective decal / wording available. Colours: W, R, O, Y, G, Blue, Br, Grey Dimensions Available: 3? W x 48?, 60?, or 72? (Height Above Grade)

Highway Delineator

An all weather, ground mounted delineator that can take numerous vehicular impacts at higher speeds. Anchor: Flexible Ground Mount (as shown), 18? in ground OR Surface Mount (as pictured with the Tubular Marker ? TM) Dimensions Available:3? W x 18? to 72? above ground. Colours: W, R, O, Y, Gr, Blue, Br, Gy Available with or without reflective stripes.

Tubular Marker

An impact-resistant surface mounted post with enhanced 360 degree visibility. Suitable as a multi-purpose traffic delineator. Suitable as a hi-impact channelizer. Dimensions Available: 2 3/8? diameter x 19?, 24?, 30?, 36?, or 48? H Anchor: Flexible Surface Mount (as shown) - for concrete / asphalt OR Flexible Ground Mount (as pictured with the Highway Delineator - HD) Colors: W, O, Y Available with or without reflective stripes.

Road Edge Delineator Marker

Suitable for installation in any environment, the REDM is complete with a hi-intensity reflective material. Dimensions Available: 3? x 12?, 4? x 4?, 4? x 12?, 4? x 15?, 5? x 5?, 6? x 6? (other sizes available) Colours: W, G, Y, or split

Flexible Delineator Marker

Suitable for installation in any environment, the FDM is an economy high-impact delineator, complete with a reflective stripe and EZ-Drive point. Dimension Available: 4? x 72? Colour: White