About Custom Signs

About Custom Signs

Mechanical Advertising specializes in high quality, completely custom metal signs for a wide range of different uses. If you are looking for custom signs for your business or for another reason, we can help you to get the exact sign that you are looking for. There are a number of benefits to using our signs, including;


We can make custom signs with a wide range of different materials, to deliver you exactly what you are looking for in terms of quality and specification. The materials that we use include various different types of metal signs including aluminum, and steel, as well as wood. Typically, steel & aluminum are the best choice for an outdoor sign so that it can appropriately stand up to the elements as it is in use. Depending on where you plan on placing your sign, the materials used are a very important step in reaching a decision. Outdoor signs are typically made from aluminum, steel and wood while indoor signs can be made from a wide variety of different materials depending on location and decor. While typically, metal signs are the most popular with our clients, feel free to ask us what type of sign would work best for your situation and we?d be happy to help you determine what would work best based on our experience.

Types of Signs

Mechanical Advertising manufactures a wide variety of different types of signs. Of course, our custom signs can fall under almost any category, or it can be small changes to existing sign style. A few of the different types of signs that we offer include;

Custom Signs

Our custom sign service gives you complete control over the signs that you are having created. This allows you to create metal signs with your own business branding, or special notice. Many of the custom signs that we do include the modification of an existing sign design, or even completely new sign designs. Materials that we can use for our custom signs include metal signs, coroplast, aluminum, steel, and even wood.

Regulatory Signs

Are you looking to add some stop signs to your parking lot or property? We specialize in creating regulatory signs that help to assist the flow of traffic. There are a wide variety of different types of regulatory signs, including stop signs, yield signs, crosswalk signs, pedestrian warnings, speed limit signs, and other metal signs that are related to the flow of traffic. If you own a business or property that shares a parking lot with other business owners, investing as a group (and regulatory science)??to improve the flow of traffic can be great for all businesses that share the parking lot, and allow you to make the area much safer. Metal signs of this sort are very popular among real estate owners, property management companies, businesses and cottage owners.

Guide & Commercial Signs

Guide signs include freeway signs, pointing you toward the nearest freeway entrance. Guide signs can be an excellent way for you to point customers or visitors in the right direction. Guide signs encompass any type of sign that would direct your traffic so that they are ensured a positive experience. Of course, we can create custom guide signs for anything you might require for your particular business.

Other Signs

Mechanical Advertising offers a huge variety of different types of signs,including construction signs, industrial safety signs, posts and markers,work zone metal signs, and street name metal signs. No matter what kind of signage you are looking for, Mechanical Advertising can meet your needs either through our pre-made designs, or through our custom sign service. With a wide variety of different styles, and materials to choose from, you can find the ideal sign for your purpose, at a reasonable price.

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