About Traffic & Warning Signs

About Traffic & Warning Signs

Regulatory Signs

Some of the most common types of traffic signs that we produce are regulatory signs. The signs are typically signs that regulate roadways or parking lots. These are some of the most common types of traffic signs that you see while driving on a day-to-day basis. These include stop signs, yield signs, and signs with arrows that route traffic. Other types of regulatory signs include speed limit signs, signs that designate one-way roads, do not enter signs, and no passing zone signs. They come in a variety of different shapes like octagons, to a variety of different triangles, such as the triangle you would see on a yield sign, and vertical rectangles as you would see on speed limit signs. Regulatory signs typically follow a few basic rules. The color red is reserved for crucial attention grabbing signs like stop, yield, and wrong way signs, while white is meant to be used on more informative signs including speed limit regulations, and ‘no parking’ signs.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are a very important addition to roadways, in order to ensure that drivers are able to stay safe. We produce warning signs that provide warnings about upcoming hazards. These hazards can include sharp turns, unexpected railroads, no passing zones, traffic lights, and livestock crossing zones.

Warning signs are produced to keep roadways and transportation areas as safe as possible. They are typically on yellow backgrounds with black text, and are used to warn drivers ahead of time, about upcoming potential hazards. You likely have seen warning signs on the roadway warning you to look out for falling debris such as rocks, dear crossing areas to watch for wild animals, and other types of warning signs.

Warning signs are vital traffic signs to roadway safety because they keep drivers apprised to potential danger that could lurk just around a corner. Even the most basic warning signs, such as signs that warn drivers about an upcoming bump in the road, can compel drivers to slow down and keep them from damaging their cars. This is very useful for businesses that use speed bumps to control vehicle speed in their lots.

Another vital type of warning sign is ‘school zone’ signs. These fluorescent yellow signs let drivers know when they are entering a roadway in which school children may cross the street. Typically, school zones are accompanied by a greatly lowered speed limit during certain times of the day (times when children are in school.) This is a good example of how a basic sign can save lives and keeps children out of harm’s way, while keeping drivers informed about what obstacles they may run into ahead.

Whether you are looking for warning signs for your home, place of business, or public street, finding the right sign can help to keep the streets safe and save lives in the long run. Most warning signs will be diamond shaped, with a yellow color. This makes it as easy as possible for drivers to see the sign, and take the warning into consideration.

With the wide variety of different traffic signs that we can manufacture, it is easy to see why Mechanical Advertising has become so popular for the production of metal signs, wood signs, and custom signs. With so many different varieties of traffic signs available, it is important that you have all of the options available to you so that you can better regulate the flow of traffic around your business, or on your personal property. As with any other sign, if you have something in mind that you can?t find in our catalogue, just reach out to us and we?d be happy to create it for you! A warning sign is a type of traffic sign that indicates a hazard ahead on the road that may not be readily apparent to a driver. These signs typically warn of a dangerous or unusual condition ahead and usually have a yellow background with black letters or symbols.

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